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Mephisto Europa [1]

Mephisto Europa,
a low cost dedicated chess computer released in 1987 by Hegener & Glaser featuring a 6800 compatible Hitachi 6301Y0 8-bit CMOS microcontroller unit (MCU) [2] [3], a sensory board with file and rank indicator leds, and a membrane keypad plus status leds inside a plastic housing. The chess program by Frans Morsch resides in the MCU integrated 16 KiB ROM where it had to manage the only 256 bytes of integrated RAM. Its internal identical successor Mephisto Europa A was further marketed as Mephisto Schachschule (Chess school) with integrated chess lessons along with the accompanied chess teaching book by Helmut Pfleger and Ossi Weiner [4]. Mephisto Europa played the First International Chess-Computer Tournament in the USSR 1989 [5].

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