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Manuel López-Michelone [1]

Manuel Cristóbal López-Michelone, (Morsa)
a Mexican FIDE master of chess [2], blogger and chess columnist, computer scientist and professor at department of computer science, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Description Language for Chess

Along with Jorge Luis Ortega-Arjona, Manuel Cristóbal López-Michelone introduced a pattern description language for chess positions, published in ICGA Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1 [3]:

The game of chess involves patterns. In this article we develop a simple description language for chess positions as patterns. It seems useful to catalogue similar positions in a generic form, based on common elements, in order to simplify the search for chess positions. A simple chess pattern language is used here to develop a computer program to find similar chess configurations. The aim is to avoid a commonly-used brute force approach. Further, this language could explain why some typical maneuvers actually work in some patterns. This could also be a step forward to model and build chess programs, which perform in a way closer to what a human being does. 

The instructions of the language are:

  • A(B) – Piece A attacks/defends Piece B
  • A(square) – Piece A attacks square
  • A square – Piece A at square
  • taboo(square) – Make a square unavailable to defender
  • action(chess movement) – The recommended move for the pattern
  • structw([list of pawns]) – Defines the structure of the white pawns on the board
  • structb([list of pawns]) – Defines the structure of black pawns on the board
  • Logical connectors(“,”, “;”) – “,” is AND, “;” is OR.
  • Single line comments can be made with the “//” delimiter, for example, //This is a comment.

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