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Makoto Sakuta [1]

Makoto Sakuta,
a Japanese computer scientist at Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Higashi-ku, before affiliated with the Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, where he received his Ph.D. on Deterministic Solving of Problems with Uncertainty [2] . His research interests include Endgame Search, Kriegspiel-Like Problems, computer shogi, studies on Tsuitate-Tsume-Shogi (Mating Problems of Screen Shogi), and the killer-tree heuristic.

Selected Publications

[3] [4]


  • Makoto Sakuta, Hiroyuki Iida (1999). Solving Problems with Uncertainty: A case study using Tsuitate-Tsume-Shogi. Proceedings of Game Programming Workshop in Japan '99, pp. 145-152, Hakone, Japan, pdf

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