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Lars Rasmussen, [1]
a Danish chess player and programmer, endgame and early endgame tablebase researcher with interests in maximals and mutual zugzwang [2] [3]. Along with David Forthoffer and Sito Dekker, he contributed to the automated database generation program Retro, considering both en passant and castling [4], which revealed five discrepancies in KRKB [5] from the numbers published by Jaap van den Herik and Bob Herschberg, et al. [6]. Lars Rasmussen wrote an MS-DOS routine for John Roycroft to search text for the extended GBR code, which, when located, was thoroughly tested for self-consistency [7]. He further developed the ChessBase interface program to access the Thompson's Databases [8] [9], and is author of an engine solving pawn endgames [10] [11] [12].

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