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'''[[Engines|Up one Level]]'''
'''[[Engines|Up one Level]]'''

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Jumbo on rails [1]

Jumbo, (Jumbo Twins)
a family Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard compliant chess engines by Sven Schüle, first released in September 2016 as 32-bit binary running under Windows. Based on a mailbox board representation, Jumbo applies PVS with transposition table, recursive null move, and IID along with a minimalistic evaluation considering material, PST, mobility, passed pawns, and weak pawns [2].

Jumbo Twins

Jumbo in Advertisement [3]

Jumbo 0.5.3, released in September 2017 comes with an additional, conditional compiled bitboard representation, both are built from the same source tree as 32-bit and 64-bit programs [4].

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