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=Selected Publications=  
=Selected Publications=  
<ref>[http://ilk.uvt.nl/icga/journal/docs/References.pdf ICGA Reference Database] (pdf)</ref>
<ref>[[ICGA Journal#RefDB|ICGA Reference Database]]</ref>
==1970 ...==  
==1970 ...==  
* [[John Roycroft]] ('''1972'''). ''Test tube chess''. Stackpole Books
* [[John Roycroft]] ('''1972'''). ''Test tube chess''. Stackpole Books

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John Roycroft, 1988 [1]

Arthur John Roycroft, (born July 25, 1929)
an English chess endgame study composer, international judge, and author. He is co-founder and member of the Chess Endgame Study Circle, founded on March 16, 1965, publishing the studies magazine End Game (EG) [2] . Roycroft was its publisher for the first 102 issues, from July 1965 until 1991. Since then, the Dutch-Flemish ARVES, the Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor Schaakeindspelstudie [3] has been publisher, but Roycroft stayed as editor-in-chief until 2007, superseded by Harold van der Heijden [4]. Roycroft's adaptation of the GuyBlandford code in the 70s resulted in the GBR code, an efficient way to index any chess position, in particular endgame studies [5].

Endgame Tablebases

John Roycroft advised Ken Thompson in endgame tablebases generation with four and five pieces. For queen and pawn against queen he published some results in 1986, years ahead of full tablebase output on CD [6] [7] .

Selected Publications


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