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Jean-Christophe Weill [1]

Jean-Christophe Weill,
a French computer scientist and computer chess and games programmer. He introduced the NegaC* search algorithm as a Negamax implementation of Kevin Coplan's C*. He also created the ABDADA non-synchronized, distributed search algorithm, apparently used in Frenchess. His 1995 Ph.D. thesis in French, Programmes d'Échecs de Championnat: Architecture Logicielle Synthèse de Fonctions d'Évaluations, Parallélisme de Recherche, covers history of computer chess, a broad range of search algorithms and evaluation, audited beside others by Tony Marsland and Jacques Pitrat.

Chess Programs

Jean-Christophe Weill already had experience in programing Othello, when he decited to develop a chess program for the upcoming 1st Computer Olympiad in 1989. He found his friend and chess player Marc-François Baudot, who already made first trials in chess programming, to help him with the positional evaluation to start their successful collaboration with following chess programs [2] [3]:

Selected Publications

[4] [5] [6]

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