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Ilya Loshchilov [1]

Ilya Gennadyevich Loshchilov,
a Russian computer scientist in the field of evolutionary algorithms (EA), optimization and machine learning. He worked with Marc Schoenauer and Michèle Sebag at Paris-Sud 11 University and INRIA within their TAO Project Team [2] on multi-objective optimization, adaptive coordinate descent and CMA-ES, where he defended his Ph.D. with the title Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithms in 2013 [3]. As postdoc at University of Freiburg, he continued his research with Frank Hutter combining, evolutionary algorithms with deep learning techniques.


Loshchilov's and Hutter's stochastic gradient descent with warm restarts (SGDR) as introduced in their 2016 paper [4], is mentioned as method for learning rate scheduling to train Leela Chess' third party network Leelenstein [5], which is combined with Allie for the AllieStein chess playing entity.

Selected Publications

[6] [7]

2010 ...

2015 ...

External Links

GitHub - loshchil/SGDR
GitHub - loshchil/AdamW-and-SGDW: Decoupled Weight Decay Regularization (ICLR 2019)


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