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Gogo Dancer Cherry Lei [1]

a free UCI compliant chess engine by Salvatore Giannotti, written in C and first released in November 2014 as WinBoard engine. Gogobello had its tournament debut at IGT 2015, when it became sixth from nine - and further improved at the IGT 2016 as fourth from ten with 4½/7.

Selected Features


Move Generation




Selected Games

IGT 2015, round 5, Neurone - Gogobello [3]

[Event "International Gsei Tournament 2015"]
[Site "Como"]
[Date "2015.09.27"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Neurone XXIV dev."]
[Black "Gogobello 0.11 dev."]
[Result "0-1"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.Nc3 Nxc3 6.dxc3 Be7 7.Bf4 O-O 8.Qd2 Nd7
9.O-O-O Nc5 10.Nd4 Re8 11.f3 c6 12.h4 Qa5 13.Bc4 d5 14.Bb3 Nxb3+ 15.cxb3 Qxa2
16.Qe2 a6 17.Qe5 f6 18.Qh5 g6 19.Qh6 Bf8 20.Qxf8+ Kxf8 21.Bh6+ Kg8 22.g4 c5
23.Nc2 Qxb3 24.Na1 Qa4 25.Nc2 f5 26.Rxd5 fxg4 27.fxg4 Bxg4 28.Rg1 Re2 29.Bd2 b6
30.Rg5 Rxd2 31.Kxd2 Qf4+ 32.Ne3 Qf2+ 33.Kd3 Qe2+ 34.Ke4 Re8+ 35.Kd5 Qd3+ 36.Kc6
Qb5+ 0-1

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  2. based on features mentioned gogobello_11_x64.zip/readme.txt, October 2015, IGT 2015 and Homepage - gogobello, Version History
  3. International Gsei Tournament 2015 « G 6

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