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* [[Carmelo Calzerano]]
* [[Carmelo Calzerano]]
* [[Alessandro Damiani]]
* [[Alessandro Damiani]]
* [[Claudio Della Corte]]
* [[Luca Dormio]]
* [[Luca Dormio]]
* [[Ivo Fasiori]]
* [[Ivo Fasiori]]

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G 6 Logo [1]

G 6, (G-6, GSEI, g-sei)
the Gruppo Scacchi e Informatica is the Italian Computer Chess Association, founded in 1999 by a group of Italian chess programmers. G 6 was soon opened, more generally, to the lovers of computer chess, not necessarily Italian, although it remains the official language. The group covers all aspects of chess programming, starting with the creation and optimization of chess engines up to the realization of the graphical user interface, tools and more. It deals with matters at all levels, for beginners and advanced programmers, as well as to provide practical support for the development of chess programs related to G 6.

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  1. G 6 Logo created by Luca Dormio
  2. I.G.W.T. by Luca Lissandrello, CCC, July 22, 2013

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