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Topolino e Eta Beta [1] [2]

a chess engine by Antonia Jeanrenaud, competing the WCCC 2006 in Turin. EtaBeta, written in Visual Basic, is not a conventional alpha-beta searcher, but uses an own approach to analyse and select a move. Alessandro Scotti on EtaBeta: "This program is the most original I know of, and the only one with the evaluation of a move as written comment on why the move is good or not. Unfortunately, the search of Etabeta is too shallow compared to more traditional algorithms, and often remains victim of combinations it realizes too late" [3] .

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  1. Eega Beeva | I.N.D.U.C.K.S. by Floyd Gottfredson, 1947 - The Man of tomorrow with hands as fist gloves and short black trousers, First comic appearance: YM 110 (The Man of Tomorrow, 1947)
  2. Eega Beeva also known by his proper name Pittisborum Psercy Pystachi Pseter Psersimmon Plummer-Push, a comic character from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse universe, created by Bill Walsh and Floyd Gottfredson, first appeared on September 26, 1947 in the Mickey Mouse comic strip storyline titled The Man of Tomorrow. He is referred to as Eta Beta in Italian and Gamma in German. The character was newly discovered and defined by Italian comics artist and writer Romano Scarpa with the comic Topolino e la nave del microcosmo, published in Topolino issue 167 in July 1957.
  3. Computer Chess Cup 2005 by Alessandro Scotti

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