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Enrique Irazoqui [1]

Enrique Irazoqui, (July 05, 1944 – September 16, 2020)
was a Catalan professor of literature, expert in information technology, artificial intelligence and computer chess, and actor - most famous for his role as Jesus Christ in The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Il vangelo secondo Matteo), Italy 1964 by Pier Paolo Pasolini [2].

Computer Chess

Enrique Irazoqui was editor of the annual Computer Chess Digest, and organizer and arbiter of various tournaments and matches. In 1997, he was one of the founders of the talkchess computer chess club. Well known were his Cadaqués Computer Tournaments [3] [4]. In 2002, he was the arbiter during the Kramnik vs Deep Fritz chess match in Bahrain, which ended in a tie. At the Man vs Machine Team Championship 2004 in Bilbao, Enrique Irazoqui served as co-organizer and computer chess advisor [5] .

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