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a WinBoard compatible chess engine written by Harald Lüßen in C++, first released in March 2004 [3] . The name was chosen due to the connection with pieces in Chaturanga, Chinese Chess and chess, such as rook and bishop [4] , because elephants are known to be intelligent, and further due its author's weight [5] .


Elephant applies PVS alpha-beta with transposition table, quiescence, adaptive null move pruning, IID, razoring, futility pruning and various extensions, embedded inside an fractional ply iterative deepening framework. Move ordering at the root is based on node count, and otherwise considers hash move including principle variation, static exchange evaluation, killer- and history heuristic. Evaluation might be lazy and takes material, cached pawn structure, king safety, piece-squares tables, mobility and multiple other terms into account. Elephant was used as testbed to compare various bitboard techniques in generating sliding piece attacks [6], in particular Exploding- and Sherwin Bitboards.

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