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Dominik Klein, [1] [2]
a German software developer and as computer chess programmer author of the cross-platform chess graphical user interface Jerry. He is further co-author of the Kanji character recognition software kanjicanvas implemented in client side only JavaScript [3], and provided a translation of Yu Nasu's 2018 paper introducing NNUE [4] [5].

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  1. likely not to confused with the philosopher and logician Dominik Klein
  2. Johan van Benthem, Dominik Klein (2019). Logics for Analyzing Games. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  3. GitHub - asdfjkl/kanjicanvas: Online Kanji (Japanese Character) Recognition in Javascript
  4. Yu Nasu (2018). ƎUИИ Efficiently Updatable Neural-Network based Evaluation Functions for Computer Shogi. Ziosoft Computer Shogi Club, pdf, pdf (Japanese with English abstract) GitHub - asdfjkl/nnue translation
  5. Translation of Yu Nasu's NNUE paper by Dominik Klein, CCC, January 07, 2021

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