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The 24th Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship took place at Denksportcentrum Leiden. It was an eleven round swiss tournament at two consecutive week ends, October 16-17 and 23-24, 2004.

Final Standing


# Program CC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 P SoDOS
1 Diep NL 13b1 7w1 6b1 3w0 2b1 4w1 9b0 11w1 5b½ 12w1 8b1 40
2 Nexus DE 8w½ 4b½ 10w1 6b½ 1w0 12b1 5w1 7w1 3b1 9b1 14w1 39¾
3 ProDeo NL 5b½ 12w1 13b1 1b1 4w1 8w1 6b½ 9w1 2w0 7b½ 10b1 39½
4 Chess Tiger FR 9b1 2w½ 5b1 7w1 3b0 1b0 8w½ 6w1 10b0 14b1 11w1 7 37¼
5 The King NL 3w½ 8b1 4w0 10b½ 7w½ 14b1 2b0 12w1 1w½ 11b1 13w1 7 27¾
6 Deep Sjeng DE 14w1 10b1 1w0 2w½ 8b½ 7b½ 3w½ 4b0 11w1 13b1 9w½ 28¼
7 Tao NL 11w1 1b0 9w1 4b0 5b½ 6w½ 13w1 2b0 14w1 3w½ 12b1 24½
8 Ant NL 2b½ 5w0 11b1 12w1 6w½ 3b0 4b½ 14w½ 13b1 10w1 1w0 6 23
9 The Baron NL 4w0 11b½ 7b0 13w1 14w1 10b1 1w1 3b0 12b1 2w0 6b½ 6 22¾
10 IsiChess DE 12b1 6w0 2b0 5w½ 11b1 9w0 14b½ 13w1 4w1 8b0 3w0 5 17½
11 Goldbar NL 7b0 9w½ 8w0 14b1 10w0 13b1 12w½ 1b0 6b0 5w0 4b0 3
12 Neurosis NL 10w0 3b0 14w1 8b0 13b½ 2w0 11b½ 5b0 9w0 1b0 7w0 2
13 Kallisto II NL 1w0 14b1 3w0 9b0 12w½ 11w0 7b0 10b0 8w0 6w0 5b0 2
14 XiniX dubbel NL 6b0 13w0 12b0 11w0 9b0 5w0 10w½ 8b½ 7b0 4w0 2b0 1



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