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Cyberpunk aesthetic [1]

a chess engine by Marco Pagnoncelli, written in C and compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard. CyberPagno played the CCT4 and CCT5 online tournaments and various Italian Computer Chess Championships [2]. After a break of several years, Marco worked on his engine again and released CyberPagno 2.2 in November 2014 [3], the version which played the IGT 2014 and IGT 2015 successfully.


CyberPagno applies PVS within an iterative deepening framework with aspiration windows [4]. CyberPagno 2.2 and subsequent versions improved due to more effective transposition table structure, and more sophisticated move ordering, selectivity and quiescence search by adding SEE, IID, futility pruning, and LMR. Most recently, the evaluation function was rewritten.



Marco Pagnoncelli and Fabio Cavicchio in CyberPagno vs Delfi, CIPS 2002 [5]

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