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Cube [1]

a chess program from the early 80s, written in Fortran IV by Lloyd L. Lank [2] and James A. Lank, at that time affiliated with United Computing Inc. [3] , Kansas City, Missouri. Cube ran on a Cray-1, participating as Cube 2.0 at the ACM 1980 [4] , and as Cube 2.1 the ACM 1981 [5] .


A brief description is available from the ACM 1980 tournament booklet [6] :

Cray-1, United Computing, Kansas City (512k; 64 bits; 80,000,000 inst/sec)
Cube 2.0 is an updated version of Cube 1.1. It executes on either the Cray-1 or on an Honeywell 60/80 provided by Honeywell in Minneapolis. The program is written in Fortran, uses alpha-beta algorithm and iterative deepening. On the Cray-1, the Lanks say the program examines 4,000 nodes per second. This is its first ACM tournament. 

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