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Chess Programming Forums

Some of the more popular computer chess programming related forums:

Winboard Forum - Programming and Technical Discussions (Winboard Programming Forum)
Winboard Forum - Archive (Old Parsimony Forum)

Engine Forums

Some chess programs also have forums:

Chess Computers

Oldie & Retro Schachprogramme

Endgame Tablebases

Rating Lists

News groups

Unmoderated newsgroups contain a lot of spam, but also a lot of valuable posts of the pre-CCC area in the archives:

Game & AI Forums

National Forums

External Links

Social and Ethic Aspects

Language and Rhetoric Aspects


  1. HDR panoramic view out of 9 pictures (3 exposures at 3 different angles). Picture taken from the Capitoline Museums by BeBo86, June 02, 2012, Wikimedia Commons

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