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Christian Hesse [1]

Christian Hesse,
a German mathematician and professor at Institute of Stochastics and Applications, University of Stuttgart [2], teaching mathematical statistics. He received his Ph.D. in 1987 from Harvard University where his advisor was Herman Chernoff [3], further lecturing at University of California, Berkeley before moving to Stuttgart in 1991. His research in the areas of statistics and probability theory include stochastic modelling of systems with interaction, and analyzing data along with his research company Data Research [4] . His further interest includes chess, and its correlations with the wider world, in particular recreational mathematics. During the Chess Olympiad, Dresden 2008, he served as chess ambassador and lectured the opening presentation of the Olympiad side event Workshop Chess and Mathematics. His book The joys of chess [5] covers topics related to chess programming, such as elaborating on Larry Kaufman's work on the value of the pieces and the evaluation of material imbalances [6] [7].

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