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Chris Whittington [1]

Chris Whittington,
a British computer chess and games programmer, publisher and entrepreneur, author of several commercial computer chess programs including Chess System Tal published through his own company Oxford Softworks. He is famous for his computer chess paradigms as an appeal for knowledge based programs [2] [3]. In May 2000, when Oxford Softworks was sold to a venture capitalist consortium, Chris retired from games programming.

Rybka Controversy

Chris Whittington was and is critic of the arguments that Rybka is a derivate of Fruit since Zach Wegner published his first conclusion on the Rybka/Fruit: evaluation in June 2010 [4] [5], and consequently critic of the ICGA decision in 2011. During the Investigation process, he was rejected to become member of the panel [6].



Chris Whittington and Berthold Seifriz, WMCCC 1993 [7]

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