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The Chess Programming Wiki is a repository of information about programming computers to play chess, created, developed and maintained by volunteers. Our goal is to provide a reference for every aspect of chess-programming, information about programmers, researcher and engines.

The CPW team thanks all People and Organizations hosting Websites with media, pictures and photos, we refer to as image or video. Thanks to [Google] for [Google Search] to find all that stuff and [Google Translate] to understand it.

List of special thanks to

and for hosting Diagrams


  1. CPW supports the Wikipedia:SOPA initiative
  2. László Lindner, A SZÁMÍTÓGÉPES SAKK KÉPEKBEN című melléklete - The pictures of the Beginning of Chess Computers
  3. Schaakcomputer database by Hein Veldhuis
  4. Chess Computers - The UK Story from Chess Computer UK by Mike Watters