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Home * User Interface * GUI * ChessX
Home * Software * Databases * ChessX

ChessX GUI [1]

a free open source chess database and GUI for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. Initially, ChessX has started as a continuation of SCID, but after some development, it was decided to break away from the Tcl/Tk code and start to program in C++ with Qt [2]. Initially developed by Michal Rudolf, current developers and maintainers include James Coons and Jens Nissen [3].


The ChessX GUI implements a tabbed document interface, the frame-window with caption, menu- and toolbars, and status bar at the bottom. A document window represents a game, and consists of a board window with configurable notation pane, game list of the current database, opening tree and ECO panes, up to two analyze panes, and a database list window.


ChessX has an abstract Database C++ class, providing a common interface with methods for loading and saving of games, and for performing searches and queries. The concrete classes MemoryDatabase and PgnDatabase, derived from Database, implement the interface for PGN file based databases. Large PGN databases are indexed keeping persistent index files (.cxi) for faster re-opening and search.



  • Load and save PGN files
  • Work with multiple databases simultaneously
  • Browse chess games, including variations
  • Enter moves, variations, and comments
  • Setup board, copy/paste FEN
  • Search in Databases for text or positions
  • Display tree of moves for the current position
  • Analyze using UCI and WinBoard/XBoard Chess engines
  • Prepare for openings or opponents
  • Training mode (next move is hidden)
  • Integrated Stockfish engine

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