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ChessCore, (
a chess engine by Adam Berent, written in C#. The chess engine was documented in a blog format, and has been converted to cross-platform .NET Core dubbed ChessCore, open source under the MIT License published on GitHub [2]. The program makes heavy use of the .NET Core garbage collector (GC) [3] and is mentioned as buggy in Ron Murawski's engine list [4].

Evaluate Moves

One sample of ChessCore's extensive GC usage demonstrates its Alpha-Beta search - at each node it generates and sorts all moves (or captures in quiescence) [5], and allocates the move list and each generated move on the heap [6]: For some reason, internal class position encapsulates the move.

private static List<Position> EvaluateMoves(Board examineBoard, byte depth) {
  List<Position> positions = new List<Position>();
  for (byte x = 0; x < 64; x++) { ...
    Piece piece = examineBoard.Squares[x].Piece;
    ... continue if empty or opponent piece
    foreach (byte dst in piece.ValidMoves) { ...
      Position move = new Position(x, dst);
      ... Score move, killers, etc ..
  return positions;

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