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Coulommiers cheese [1]

a Chess Engine Communication Protocol and UCI compliant free chess engine by Patrice Duhamel, written in C. The development started in early 2006, using rotated bitboards and alpha-beta search, improving rapidly, and first released in October 2007 as version 1.0. Since 2012, one can expect yearly updates with steady improvements. Since version 1.8 in March 2016, Cheese is able to play Chess960 (FRC). It is available for all major platforms and operating systems, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android [2].

Selected Features


Board Representation


Internal Iterative Deepening
Killer Heuristic
History Heuristic
Static Exchange Evaluation
Adaptive Null Move Pruning
Late Move Pruning (Version 2.0)
Late Move Reductions
Mate Distance Pruning
Futility Pruning
Quiescence Search
Fractional Extensions
Check Extensions
Passed Pawn Extensions


Backward Pawn
Doubled Pawn
Isolated Pawn
Passed Pawn
Connected Passed Pawns
Insufficient Material


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