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Storkeegen [1]

an open source chess engine by Alberto Alonso Ruibal, written in Java, licensed under the GNU General Public License, and first released in 2009 [2]. Carballo supports the UCI protocol, and a HTML5 based GUI dubbed Mobialia Chess [3], developed by Lukas Laag with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) using the Vectomatic SVG library [4] [5]. Carballo features pondering, a PolyGlot opening book, and since version 1.2, Chess960. Karballo is a Kotlin version of Carballo [6] [7].


Carballo is actually a Galician word meaning oak, it's all about search trees [8].



Board Representation

Carballo is a bitboard engine and applies magic bitboards to determine sliding piece attacks. Staged move generation along with move ordering is controlled by an iterator object which gets the next move during search, and uses legal move generation. This is so far implemented by making and testing whether pseudo-legal moves leave the own king in check.


The search performs alpha-beta PVS inside the iterative deepening loop with aspiration windows, utilizing a transposition table also in quiescence, verified and indexed by Zobrist Keys. Selectivity considers the wide range of state of the art techniques.

Move Ordering



The evaluation is designed to plug in various evaluation functions. Available are a simplified evaluation function, a sophisticated, complete evaluation function, an experimental one, and some dynamic for specialized endgames, such as a KPK bitbases [10]. Most important features are listed below.



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Re: Carballo (Java UCI) by Alberto Alonso Ruibal, CCC, October 29, 2009

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