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Gustave Doré - The Light Bringer Lucifer [1]

Bringer (Der Bringer),
a chess program running under Windows developed by Gerrit Reubold. Bringer brings its own GUI, and further supports the WinBoard Protocol [2]. Bringer applies check and recapture extensions, and further extends to detect perpetual checks, on pushing passers to 6th or 7th rank, if there is only one move, and on severe threats. It also did some negative extension, aka pruning and razoring [3], and since Bringer 1.8 performs smart exchange evaluation to avoid calculating obviously bad moves near the tips.

Tournament Play

Bringer played the BELCT 2001 over the board, operated by opening book author Peter Berger, and further five early CCT Tournaments, the CCT1, CCT3, CCT4, CCT5, and finally the CCT6.

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Der Bringer 1.8 User's Guide by Jim Kearman


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