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Boris Stilman [1]

Boris M. Stilman,
a Russian mathematician, computer scientist, electrical engineer and researcher in artificial intelligence. Since 1991, he is professor of computer science at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Colorado Denver, since 2019 professor emeritus [2], and since 1999 chairman & CEO of Stilman Advanced Strategies, Denver, Colorado [3]. From 1972 until 1988, Boris Stilman worked with Mikhail Botvinnik and Alexander Yudin et al. on the project Pioneer.

Linguistic Geometry

While Pioneer has never been finished, Stilman developed the experimental and mathematical foundations of an approach to search problems in artificial intelligence, and during a visit at McGill University in 1990 - 1991, originated Linguistic Geometry (LG), a game theory for extensive discrete games scalable to the level of real life defense systems, allowing to avoid the combinatorial explosion by changing the paradigm from search to construction, that is from analysis to synthesis [4].



Alexander Reznitskiy, Boris Stilman, Mikhail Donskoy, Mikhail Botvinnik, Monty & Amy Newborn [5] [6] [7]

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