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a chess opening database by Mike Leahy which keeps games, that is their moves along with optional annotations inside a tree structure. Since nodes in this tree are indexed by a kind of Zobrist key of a position, Bookup is able to immediately recognize transpositions, and is suited to learn and train openings and to investigate, analyze and expand opening books. Bookup was developed since the 80s, initially under MS-DOS, and was further developed and ported to Macintosh and x86 PCs running Mac OS and Windows with a modern GUI called Chess Opening Wizard (COW) [1]. While early Bookup was bundled with Zarkov as analysis engine, COW includes Stockfish, Crafty and Ruffian, and further supports any Chess Engine Communication Protocol (WinBoard) and UCI compatible engine [2] for analysis and looking for contradictions between game statistics and current chess theory, dubbed backsolving [3].

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