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Black mamba [1]

BlackMamba, (Black Mamba)
a free UCI compliant chess engine by Matteo D'Annibale supported by Maurizio Platino, written in C with Linux, Windows,Mac OS and Android executables available. BlackMamba, utilizing bitboards, features detection of pawn blockages and runtime detection of SSE42 population count, large page and PolyGlot opening book support, Multi-PV, and since BlackMamba 2.0, a SMP capable parallel search [2]. The Italian Computer Chess Association - G 6 considers BlackMamba as "free" engine [3], which includes both derivative engines and engines whose teams do not accept examinations accordant to the current regulation of the G 6 for original engines [4].

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1972 line-up Vincent Crane, Chris Farlowe, Steve Bolton, Ric Parnell


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