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Barbarossa [1]

an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Nicu Ionita, first released in Fall 2013 as successor of Abulafia [2] , both written in Haskell [3] [4]. It uses bitboards to represent the board, and magic bitboards [5] to determine sliding piece attacks. Barbarossa applies an alpha-beta search [6] utilizing a transposition table indexed by Zobrist keys, and uses the functional programming concept of monad transformers [7] [8] in continuation passing style to control the search. Some evaluation parameters were tuned by Rémi Coulom's CLOP, and more recently by MMTO as introduced by Kunihito Hoki and Tomoyuki Kaneko in the domain of Shogi [9] [10]. Discrete SPSA (DSPSA), introduced by Qi Wang [11] was applied in pawn evaluation tuning [12] .

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