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Victor Vikhrev [1]

Victor V. Vikhrev,
a Russian physicist and since 1968 leading researcher at Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, since 2016 emeritus [2]. His research interests include plasma physics, computational fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, nuclear fusion and solar physics.

Computer Chess

As former avocational computer chess programmer, Victor Vikhrev is primary author of the chess program Centaur, along with co-author Alexey Manjakhin. He already started chess programming in 1971, his first chess program written in Algol played its first games on a BESM-6. Centaur was later re-written in Pascal to run on an IBM PC [3]. [4].



WCCC 1999: Victor Vikhrev in Centaur vs. Mini operated by Harald Prokop

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