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Vasily Vladimirov [1]

Vasily Sergeyevich (Vasilii Sergeevich) Vladimirov, (Васи́лий Серге́евич Влади́миров;, January 9, 1923 – November 3, 2012)
was a Russian mathematician, Ph.D. from Steklov Institute of Mathematics in 1953, and professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences. His research was about equations and models of mathematical physics, generalized functions, functions of several complex variables, multidimensional Tauberian theorems, p-adic analysis, number theory, numerical analysis and quantum field theory [2] [3].

CC Sapiens

During the early 90s, Vasily Vladimirov was collaborator of Mikhail Botvinnik, Evgeniĭ Dmitrievich Cherevik and Vitaly Vygodsky in working on Chess Computer Sapiens and its economic counterpart Economical Computer Sapiens [4].

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