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Thomas A. Throop [1]

Thomas A. (Tom) Throop,
an American mechanical engineer, pioneer in Bridge programming, and founder of Great Game Products [2], the makers of Bridge Baron. He is strong bridge, chess and correspondence chess player, and has written a first computer bridge program on a UNIVAC I at a US Navy laboratory in Washington, D.C. in 1958 [3] [4]. In 1982, he completed the first version of Bridge Baron, and founded Great Game Products in 1985 [5]. In collaboration with Vaxchess programmer Tony Guilfoyle, Bridge Baron won the Gold medals in 1990/91 at the 2nd and 3rd Computer Olympiad, and the Silver medal at the 4th Computer Olympiad, 1992, the 1990 version commercialized as Micro Bridge Companion [6] [7]. Along with Dana S. Nau and Stephen J.J. Smith, Throop developed sophisticated AI-planning techniques in Bridge Baron [8], when it became the first world champion in 1997. In 2001, Thomas A. Throop, Senior passed along the role of managing the company to his son, Thomas Throop, Junior [9].

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