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Terry M. Fredrick,
an American B.Sc. in Mathematics from Emporia State University in 1975, programmer, and IT consultant, with over 30 years of programming experience and several years of experience as a programming manager. He has written various articles in Network Computing Magazine, Microsoft's Developers Network Newsletter, and in Byte Magazine on Windows NT event logging. His hobbies include chess, electronics, shortwave radio, and guitar [1].

Applied Concepts

While affiliated with Applied Concepts in the early '80s, he modified and enhanced the Sargon chess program, developed the software for a robot chess player, and a chess game for the Apple II. He is mentioned as team member of the Boris Experimental in the ACM 1981 booklet, along with John Aker, Alan Mead, John Jacobs, David Slate, and Larry Atkin [2].


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