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Star Socrates

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Description given in 1995 from the [[ICGA]]-site <ref>[ Star Socrates' ICGA Tournaments]</ref>
The Star Socrates 2.0 chess program developed at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, will be running on the 1824 node [[Paragon|Intel Paragon]] parallel supercomputer located at Sandia National Laboratories. The lead programmers are Don Bailey Dailey and Christopher F.Joerg and the project team is lead by Prof. Leiserson. Heuristic Software provided the original Socrates program on which StarSocrates was originally based. The Paragon is about 50 feet long and weighs about 30,000 pounds. Each node consists of two 50MHz [[i860]] processors with either 16 or 32MB of memory. The program currently runs on both the [[Connection Machine|Connection Machine CM-5]] and the Intel Paragon.
=External Links=
==Chess Program==
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* [[:Category:Terri Lyne Carrington|Terri Lyne Carrington]]: [ The Mosaic Project] - Forest Star, [ Tokyo Jazz, September 05, 2010], [ YouTube] Video
: feat.: [[:Category:Tineke Postma|Tineke Postma]], [[:Category:Esperanza Spalding|Esperanza Spalding]], [ Ingrid Jensen] and [ Chihiro Yamanaka] as guest
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