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=Additional ListsCategories= Beside the * [[Guidance for Creating New Pages#Tags|tag:Category:People]] "people", assign more property tags as appropriate, to make the People become member of dynamic lists, ordered by recent changed date (newest top).* [[Chess Problems, Compositions and Studies#Composer|:Category:Chess Composer]] with tag "composer"* [[:Category:Chess Player]] with tag "chessplayer"* [[:Category:Collectors]] with tag "collector"* [[:Category:Mathematician]] with tag "mathematician"* [[:Category:Opening Book Authors]] with tag "bookauthors"* [[:Category:Pioneers]] with tag "pioneers"* [[:Category:Programmers]] with tag "programmers"* [[:Category:Researcher]] with tag "researcher"* [[:Category:Tournament Organizers]] with tag "tournamentorganizers"
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