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an [[UCI]] compliant [[:Category:Open Source Engines|open source chess program]] written in [[Delphi|Delphi 6]] by [[Alex Morozov]]. Booot determines [[Sliding Piece Attacks|sliding piece attacks]] with [[Rotated Bitboards|rotated bitboards]] and applies [[Principal Variation Search|PVS]] with all common search improvements such as [[Null Move Pruning|null move pruning]], [[Late Move Reductions|late move reductions]] and [[Internal Iterative Deepening|IID]]. Booot '''6.1''', released in October 2016, comes with [[Lazy SMP|lazy SMP]] and a completely redesigned [[Evaluation Function|evaluation function]] <ref>[ Booot 6.1 released] by [[Alex Morozov]], [[CCC]], October 18, 2016</ref>.
=Tournament Play=
'''[[Engines|Up one Level]]'''
[[Category:Open Source]]

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