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Cray X-MP

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[[FILE:3-2b.LLNL.Cray_Blitz.Nelson-Harry.19XX.L062302003.LLNL.srcl.lg.jpg|border|right|thumb|300px|link=|[[Harry Nelson]] in front of a Cray X-MP <ref>[[Harry Nelson]], co-developer of chess program [[Cray Blitz]], in front of Cray supercomputer, 1983 ca., Courtesy of [[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory]], [[The Computer History Museum]]</ref> ]]

'''Cray X-MP''',<br/>
a [ supercomputer] designed, manufactured and marketed by [ Cray Research Inc.], announced in 1982 as successor of the [[Cray-1]]. It was the world's fastest computer from 1983 to 1985 <ref>[ Cray X-MP from Wikipedia]</ref>. Its principal designer was [ Steve Chen]. The X-MP's main improvement over the Cray-1 was a [[Memory#Shared|shared-memory]], parallel [ vector processor], housing two [ CPUs] in a mainframe that was nearly identical in outside appearance to the Cray-1. The X-MP CPU had a faster 9.5 nanosecond clock cycle (105 MHz), compared to 12.5 ns for the Cray-1. It was built from [ bipolar] [ gate array] integrated circuits containing 16 [ emitter-coupled logic gates] each, and was very similar to the Cray-1 CPU in architecture, and object-code compatible <ref> [ Cray X-MP from Wikipedia]</ref>. In 1984, improved models of the X-MP were announced, consisting of up to four-processor systems.

The '''Cray-2''' was a supercomputer with four vector processors built with emitter-coupled logic starting in 1985. It was the fastest machine in the world when it was released, replacing the Cray X-MP in that spot <ref>[ Cray-2 from Wikipedia]</ref>.
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=Cray Y-MP=
X-MP successor '''Cray Y-MP''' was sold by Cray Research from 1988, retained software compatibility with the X-MP, but extended the address registers from 24 to 32 bits. The Y-MP could be equipped with two, four or eight vector processors <ref>[ Cray Y-MP from Wikipedia]</ref>.
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=Cray C90=
The Cray '''C90''' series (Y-MP C90) was a vector processor supercomputer launched by Cray Research in 1991. The series included the C94, C98 and C916 models with a maximum of four, eight, and 16 processors respectively <ref>[ Cray C90 from Wikipedia]</ref>.

=Chess Programs=
* [[Cray Blitz]]
* [[Lachex]]

=See also=
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* [ The Cray X-MP Series of Computer Systems] (pdf)
* [ CAL Assembly Reference Manual] (pdf)

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=Forum Posts=
* [ hardware of Cray Blitz] by [[Leonid Liberman|Leonid]], [[CCC]], June 13, 1999 » [[WCCC 1983]]
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