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Dragon by Komodo Chess

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=Tournament Play=
Dragon by Komodo Chess, at [[TCEC]] called '''KomodoDragon''', played the [[TCEC Season 20#Premier|Premier Division]] of [[TCEC Season 20]], and became strong third behind [[Leela Chess Zero|LCZero v0.26.3_T60]] and [[Stockfish]] in 2020/2021. KomodoDragon became third again at [[TCEC Season 21]], winning the [[TCEC Season 21#Infra|Infrafinal]], and became runner up behind Stockfish 20201225at [[TCEC Season 22]]in 2022.
* [ Komodo Dragon 2.6.1 released] by [[Larry Kaufman]], [[CCC]], January 09, 2022
* [ Dragon 2.6.1 Elo levels] by [[Larry Kaufman]], [[CCC]], January 29, 2022
* [ Komodo Dragon 3 Released by KomodoChess] by [[Larry Kaufman]], [[CCC]], April 26, 2022
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