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<span id="ChessAndMathematics"></span>
=Chess and Mathematics=
: * [[include component="pageList" hideInternal="true" tag="mathematics" limit="100"Albrecht Heeffer]]* [[Butterfly Boards]]* [[De Bruijn Sequence]]* [[Flipping Mirroring and Rotating]]* [[General Setwise Operations]]* [[Influence Quantity of Pieces]]* [[Intersection Squares]]* [[Mathematician]]* [[Traversing Subsets of a Set]]* [[Workshop Chess and Mathematics]]
<span id="Maxima"></span>
=Chess Maxima=
* [[Engines|Chess Engines]]
* [[Morphy#ChessFever|Chess Fever (Shakhmatnaya goryachka)]]
* [[Various Classifications#ChessLegend|Chess legendsLegends]]
* [[Chess Query Language]]
* [[Cognition]]

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