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[[Template:Quote Yershov|Quote]] from ''Biography AS Kronrod'' by Alexander Yershov <ref>[ Биография А.С. Кронрода], [ Biography AS Kronrod] by [ Alexander Yershov] (translated by [ Google Translate])</ref>
In 1958, [[Alexander Kronrod|Kronrod]], [[Georgy Adelson-Velsky|Adelson-Velsky]], and [[Mathematician#Landis|Landis]] selected "[ Snap]" ("подкидного дурака") as the intellectual foundations for the development of the game heuristic programming<ref>[ Boris Polyak. Memories.]</ref>. The program itself was a fiasco - but the basic principles (board games, [[Search|search techniques]] and [[Depth|limited depth]]) were formulated. Further research laboratories in the field of game theory culminated in the first ever chess duel between the [[ITEP Chess Program|program]] of the [[Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics|Institute]] of Soviet and American [[Kotok-McCarthy-Program|best program]] developed at [[Stanford University]] under the direction of [[John McCarthy|J. McCarthy]]. By [[Stanford-ITEP Match|telegraph match]] was played in four games ended 3-1 in favor of our institute. At the time, chess became a [ guinea pig] for all programmers interested in [[Artificial Intelligence|artificial intelligence]].

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