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Hans Berliner

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==1970 ...==
* [[Hans Berliner]] ('''1970'''). ''Experiences Gained in Constructing and Testing a Chess Program''. [[IEEE]] Symposium System Science and Cybernetics, reprinted in [[David Levy]] (ed.) ('''1988'''). ''[ Computer Games I]''.
* [[Hans Berliner]] ('''1971'''). ''1st U.S. Computer Championship''. [ Chess Life and Review] » [[ACM 1970]] <ref>[ The First Computer Chess Championship in the USA] by [ batgirl], [ []], September 20, 2017</ref>
* [[Hans Berliner]] ('''1973'''). ''Some Necessary Conditions for a Master Chess Program.'' [[Conferences#IJCAI1973|IJCAI 1973]]
* [[Hans Berliner]] ('''1974'''). ''Chess as Problem Solving: The Development of a Tactics Analyser''. Ph.D. thesis, [[Carnegie Mellon University]]

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