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Abdul Mateen Khan

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* '''Cryptic ''' runs on modern high speed multi-processor CPU. It is programmed in mixed [[C]] and [[Assembly]] Language. It is aimed to be the world's top single machine Chess Engine.* '''Shark ''' is network based deep search meta engine. It is based on unique idea by which it reaches to depth of 25+ easily with the help of only 6 CPUs in less than a minute. Currently a dual core CPU takes more than an hour to reach to this depth.  =Postings=* [ shark chess engine] by Norman OConnor, [[Computer Chess Forums|Hiarcs Forum]], August 13, 2009* [ How Computer Chess Changed Programming], Comment by [[Abdul Mateen Khan]], [[IEEE#Spectrum|IEEE Spectrum]], November 2010* [ Cryptic- a powerful neglected engine] by Magnus Friedmann, [[Computer Chess Forums|Rybka Forum]], August 19, 2011 =External Links=* [ PAL Group of Companies - PAL IT Department | PAL Group] ([ Wayback Machine], January 05, 2014)

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