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an [[UCI]] compliant chess engine by [[David Carteau]], written in [[C]] and first released in May 2014.
In August 2020, David Carteau published results using an own [[AVX2]] [[NNUE]] implementation so far , initially compatible with [[Stockfish NNUE]] nets, with a huge improvement in [[Playing Strength|playing strength]]<ref>[ Orion 0.7 : NNUE experiment] by [[David Carteau]], [[CCC]], August 19, 2020</ref>. He has designed and trained his own NNUE-like approach published as [[Cerebrum]] open source library on [ GitHub] <ref>[ GitHub - david-carteau/cerebrum: The Cerebrum library]</ref>, first used within '''Orion 0.8''', released in December 2020 <ref>[ Orion 0.8 + The Cerebrum release] by [[David Carteau]], [[CCC]], December 01, 2020</ref>.
* [ Orion UCI chess engine]
* [ GitHub - david-carteau/cerebrum: The Cerebrum library]
* [ Orion (Schachprogramm) –] (German)
* [ Orion] in [[CCRL|CCRL Blitz]]

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