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Automated Tuning

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* [[Borko Bošković]], [[Sašo Greiner]], [[Janez Brest]], [[Aleš Zamuda]], [[Viljem Žumer]] ('''2008'''). ''[ An Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with Opposition-Based Mechanisms, Applied to the Tuning of a Chess Program]''. [ Advances in Differential Evolution], [ Springer]
* [[Joel Veness]], [[David Silver]], [[William Uther]], [[Alan Blair]] ('''2009'''). ''[ Bootstrapping from Game Tree Search]''. [ Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2009], [http://booksjveness.nipsinfo/publications/nips2009%20-%20bootstrapping%20from%20game%20tree%20search.ccpdf pdf] » [[Meep]] <ref>[http:/papers/ pdfphp?start=0&t=31667 A paper about parameter tuning] by [[Rémi Coulom]], [[CCC]], January 12, 2010</ref>
* [[Eli David|Omid David]], [[Jaap van den Herik]], [[Moshe Koppel]], [[Nathan S. Netanyahu]] ('''2009'''). ''Simulating Human Grandmasters: Evolution and Coevolution of Evaluation Functions''. [ GECCO '09], [ arXiv:1711.0684]
* [[Eli David|Omid David]] ('''2009'''). ''Genetic Algorithms Based Learning for Evolving Intelligent Organisms''. Ph.D. Thesis.
* [[Hung-Jui Chang]], [[Jr-Chang Chen]], [[Gang-Yu Fan]], [[Chih-Wen Hsueh]], [[Tsan-sheng Hsu]] ('''2018'''). ''Using Chinese dark chess endgame databases to validate and fine-tune game evaluation functions''. [[ICGA Journal#40_2|ICGA Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2]] » [[Chinese Dark Chess]], [[Endgame Tablebases]]
* [[Wen-Jie Tseng]], [[Jr-Chang Chen]], [[I-Chen Wu]], [[Tinghan Wei]] ('''2018'''). ''Comparison Training for Computer Chinese Chess''. [ arXiv:1801.07411] <ref>[ Re: multi-dimensional piece/square tables] by Tony P., [[CCC]], January 28, 2020 » [[Piece-Square Tables]]</ref>
* [[Jeremy Rapin]], [[Olivier Teytaud]] ('''2018'''). ''Nevergrad - A gradient-free optimization platform''. [ GitHub - facebookresearch/nevergrad: A Python toolbox for performing gradient-free optimization]
==2020 ...==
* [[Andrew Grant]] ('''2020'''). ''Evaluation & Tuning in Chess Engines''. [ pdf] <ref>[ Evaluation & Tuning in Chess Engines] by [[Andrew Grant]], [[CCC]], August 24, 2020</ref>
=Forum Posts=
* [ How to calculate piece weights with logistic regression?] by [[Maksim Korzh]], [[CCC]], October 01, 2020 » [[Automated Tuning#Regression|Regression]], [[Point Value by Regression Analysis]], [[Point Value]]
* [ Unsupervised reinforcement tuning from zero] by Madeleine Birchfield, [[CCC]], October 16, 2020 » [[Reinforcement Learning]]
* [ Laskas parameter optimizer] by [[Ferdinand Mosca]], [[CCC]], December 09, 2020
* [ How to calc the derivative for gradient descent?] by Brian Neal, [[CCC]], January 04, 2021
* [ Help with Texel's tuning] by [[Maksim Korzh]], [[CCC]], January 05, 2021 » [[Texel's Tuning Method]]
* [ Tapered Evaluation and MSE (Texel Tuning)] by [[Michael Hoffmann]], [[CCC]], January 10, 2021 » [[Texel's Tuning Method]], [[Tapered Eval]]
* [ Training data] by [[Michael Hoffmann]], [[CCC]], January 12, 2021
* [ Why using the game result instead of evaluation scores] by [[Michael Hoffmann]], [[CCC]], January 12, 2021
* [ Using Mini-Batch for tunig] by [[Michael Hoffmann]], [[CCC]], January 12, 2021
* [ Texel tuning variant] by [[Ferdinand Mosca]], [[CCC]], January 21, 2021
* [ Parameter Tuning Algorithm] by [[Michael Hoffmann]], [[CCC]], January 21, 2021
=External Links=
* [ Tikhonov regularization (Ridge regression) from Wikipedia]
* <span id="Rockstar"></span>[ GitHub - facebookresearch/Rockstar Rockstarnevergrad: Implementation of ROCKA Python toolbox for performing gradient-free optimization]* algorithm (Gaussian kernel regression + natural gradient descent) for optimisation | [ GitHub- fsmosca/Optuna-Game-Parameter-Tuner: A game search and evaluation parameter tuner using optuna framework] by [[Lyudmil Antonov]] and [[Joona KiiskiFerdinand Mosca]] » [[Automated Tuning#ROCK|ROCK*Deuterium]] <ref>[ ROCK* black-box optimizer for chess75104 Yet another parameter tuner using optuna framework] by [[Jon DartFerdinand Mosca]], [[CCC]], August 31September 14, 20172020</ref>* [ SPSA Tuner for Stockfish Chess Engine | Lakas GitHub- fsmosca/Lakas: Game parameter optimizer using nevergrad framework] by [[Joona KiiskiFerdinand Mosca]] » <ref>[ Laskas parameter optimizer] by [[StockfishFerdinand Mosca]], [[Stockfish's Tuning MethodCCC]]* [https:, December 09, 2020<// GitHub - scikit-optimize/scikit-optimize: Sequential model-based optimization with a `scipy.optimize` interface]ref>
* [ GitHub - kiudee/bayes-skopt: A fully Bayesian implementation of sequential model-based optimization] by [[Karlson Pfannschmidt]] » [[Fat Fritz]] <ref>[ Fat Fritz 1.1 update and a small gift] by [[Albert Silver]]. [[ChessBase|ChessBase News]], March 05, 2020</ref>
* [ GitHub - kiudee/chess-tuning-tools] by [[Karlson Pfannschmidt]] » [[Leela Chess Zero]]
* [ GitHub - krasserm/bayesian-machine-learning: Notebooks about Bayesian methods for machine learning] by [ Martin Krasser] <ref>[ Great input about Bayesian optimization of noisy function methods] by [[Vivien Clauzon]], [[CCC]], June 16, 2020</ref>
* [ GitHub - thomasahle/noisy-bayesian-optimization: Bayesian Optimization for very Noisy functions] by [[Thomas Dybdahl Ahle]] » [[FastChess]]
* [ GitHub -Tuner GitHub scikit- fsmoscaoptimize/Optunascikit-Gameoptimize: Sequential model-Parameter-Tunerbased optimization with a `scipy.optimize` interface]* <span id="Rockstar"></span>[ Rockstar: A game search and evaluation parameter tuner using optuna frameworkImplementation of ROCK* algorithm (Gaussian kernel regression + natural gradient descent) for optimisation | GitHub] by [[Ferdinand MoscaLyudmil Antonov]] and [[Joona Kiiski]] » [[DeuteriumAutomated Tuning#ROCK|ROCK*]] <ref>[ Yet another parameter tuner using optuna framework65045 ROCK* black-box optimizer for chess] by [[Ferdinand MoscaJon Dart]], [[CCC]], September 14August 31, 20202017</ref>* [ SPSA Tuner for Stockfish Chess Engine | GitHub] by [[Joona Kiiski]] » [[Stockfish]], [[Stockfish's Tuning Method]]
* [[:Category:The Next Step Quintet|The Next Step Quintet]] feat. [ Tivon Pennicott] - [ Regression], [ KerameioBar] [ Athens], [ Greece], September 2014, [ YouTube] Video

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