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Automated Tuning

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* [ GitHub - kiudee/chess-tuning-tools] by [[Karlson Pfannschmidt]] » [[Leela Chess Zero]]
* [ GitHub - krasserm/bayesian-machine-learning: Notebooks about Bayesian methods for machine learning] by [ Martin Krasser] <ref>[ Great input about Bayesian optimization of noisy function methods] by [[Vivien Clauzon]], [[CCC]], June 16, 2020</ref>
* [ GitHub - thomasahle/noisy-bayesian-optimization: Bayesian Optimization for very Noisy functions] by [[Thomas Dybdahl Ahle]] » [[FastChess]]
* [ GitHub - fsmosca/Optuna-Game-Parameter-Tuner: A game search and evaluation parameter tuner using optuna framework] by [[Ferdinand Mosca]] » [[Deuterium]] <ref>[ Yet another parameter tuner using optuna framework] by [[Ferdinand Mosca]], [[CCC]], September 14, 2020</ref>

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