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Automated Tuning

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* <span id="Rockstar"></span>[ Rockstar: Implementation of ROCK* algorithm (Gaussian kernel regression + natural gradient descent) for optimisation | GitHub] by [[Lyudmil Antonov]] and [[Joona Kiiski]] » [[Automated Tuning#ROCK|ROCK*]] <ref>[ ROCK* black-box optimizer for chess] by [[Jon Dart]], [[CCC]], August 31, 2017</ref>
* [ SPSA Tuner for Stockfish Chess Engine | GitHub] by [[Joona Kiiski]] » [[Stockfish]], [[Stockfish's Tuning Method]]
* [ GitHub - kiudee/bayes-skopt: A fully Bayesian implementation of sequential model-based optimization] by [[Karlson Pfannschmidt]]» [[Fat Fritz]] <ref>[ Fat Fritz 1.1 update and a small gift] by [[Albert Silver]]. [[ChessBase|ChessBase News]], March 05, 2020</ref>* [ GitHub - kiudee/chess-tuning-tools] by [[Karlson Pfannschmidt]] » [[Leela Chess Zero]]
* [[:Category:The Next Step Quintet|The Next Step Quintet]] feat. [ Tivon Pennicott] - [ Regression], [ KerameioBar] [ Athens], [ Greece], September 2014, [ YouTube] Video

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