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[[FILE:Queening_Pawn.jpg|border|right|thumb|link=|[[Arts#:Category:Carina Jørgensen|Carina Jørgensen]] - Queening Pawn <ref>[ Queening Pawn] by [[Arts#:Category:Carina Jørgensen|Carina Jørgensen]], 2008</ref> ]]
'''Promotions''' are [[Tactical Moves|tactical moves]] changing [[Material#Balance|material balance]] where a [[Pawn|pawn]] reaches its [[Promotion Square|promotion square]] on the eighth (or first) [[Ranks|rank]] to transform to a [[Pieces|piece]] of the players choice, either a [[Queen|queen]], [[Knight|knight]], [[Rook|rook]] or [[Bishop|bishop]] of the same [[Color|color]]. The pawn may reach the eighth rank due to a [[Pawn Push|pawn push]] or [[Captures|capture]]. A pawn promoting to a queen while capturing the opponent queen defines the maximum amount of [[Material|material]] a move may gain.

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