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an experimental chess program by [[Maarten van der Meulen]] and chess testbed of his research on [[Search|search algorithms]], like [[Alpha-Beta]], and the [[Best-First|best-first]] algorithms [[SSS* and Dual*|SSS*]], [[Conspiracy Number Search|Conspiracy number]] and [[Proof-number searchSearch]], including [[Parallel Search|parallel]] Conspiracy number search <ref>[[Maarten van der Meulen]] ('''1988'''). ''Parallel Conspiracy-Number Search''. '''M.Sc. thesis''', Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, [ Vrije Universteit, Amsterdam]</ref> for instance in [[DOCCC 1988|1988]] on a 10-processor system <ref>[[Dap Hartmann]] ('''1988'''). ''Report on the 8th Dutch National Computer-Chess Championship''. [[ICGA Journal#11_4|ICCA Journal, Vol. 11, No. 4]] » [[DOCCC 1988]]
</ref>, and [[Evaluation|evaluation]] <ref>[[Maarten van der Meulen]] ('''1989'''). ''Weight Assessment in Evaluation Functions''. [[Advances in Computer Chess 5]]</ref>. In his [[ICGA Journal|ICCA Journal]] paper <ref>[[Maarten van der Meulen]] ('''1990'''). ''Conspiracy-Number Search''. [[ICGA Journal#13_1|ICCA Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1]]</ref> , Maarten van der Meulen mentions experiments with cn-search as published in 1988 by [[David McAllester]] <ref>[[David McAllester]] ('''1988'''). ''Conspiracy Numbers for Min-Max Search''. Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 287-310. ISSN 0004-3702.</ref> in Arachne not encouraging <ref>[[Dap Hartmann]], [[Peter Kouwenhoven]] ('''1989'''). ''The 9th Dutch Computer-Chess Championship''. [[ICGA Journal#124|ICCA Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4]] » [[DOCCC 1989]]</ref> , and introduced a new variation dubbed ''applied cn-search'' <ref>[[Maarten van der Meulen]], [[Victor Allis]], [[Jaap van den Herik]] ('''1990'''). ''A Comment on `Conspiracy-Number Search'''. [[ICGA Journal#13_2|ICCA Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2]]</ref>. Arachne played six consecutive [[Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship|Dutch Computer Chess Championships]] from [[DOCCC 1985|1985]] until [[DOCCC 1990|1990]].

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