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Chess Engine Communication Protocol

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=Version 2=
[[Harm Geert Muller]] established a protocol Version 2 in September, 2009 <ref>[ Chess Engine Communication Protocol] by [[Tim Mann]] & [[Harm Geert Muller|H.G. Muller]]</ref>, also covering [[Games|Chess Variants]] and different board sizes.
=Pros and Cons=
Those pros and cons compared with [[UCI]]
* All commands are short
* Has redundant commands for almost all chess tasks from old-time to now
* Designed to work without the need of having an extra thread for processing those commands
* Allows users to play directly with chess engines without using chess GUIs
* Allows chess engines act a bit independently such as they can auto-start pondering after a move
* Has a long and complicated list of commands
* Use many assumptions about data without keywords requirements. For example, the string "a2a3" is considered as a move, "9 156 1084 48000 Nf3 Nc6 Nc3 Nf6" is considered as a computing output when the first number is the ply, the second number is a score in centipawn unit...
* Since allowing chess engines acting more independently chess GUIs may get loss to control engines
* Some popular chess GUIs don't support
* The majority of new chess engines don't support
* [[Scid vs. PC]]
* [[Scidb]]
* [[Banksia]]
* [[Banksia GUI]]
* [ Xboard, CECP, how to handle long inits] by [[Srdja Matovic]], [[CCC]], July 04, 2019
* [ Re: PGN standard, its improvement and standardization] by [[Pham Hong Nguyen|Nguyen Pham]], [[CCC]], October 14, 2019 » from [[Portable Game Notation]] to [[Protocols]]
==2020 ...==
* [ UCI to CECP] by Fulvio, [[CCC]], April 07, 2020 » [[UCI]]
* [ Rolling dice] by [[Harm Geert Muller]], [[CCC]], May 27, 2020 » [[EinStein würfelt nicht!]]
* [ Questions about CECP post-nopost (UCI info)] by [[Oliver Brausch]], [[CCC]], September 28, 2020
* [ CECP "time" and "otim"] by [[Marcel Vanthoor]], [[CCC]], November 30, 2020 » [[Time Management]]
* [ FRC in CECP] by lucasart, [[CCC]], December 20, 2020 » [[Chess960]]
=External Links=
* [ Winboard and Chess Engines FAQ] from [[Ron Murawski|Ron Murawski's]] [ Computer-Chess Wiki]
* [ WinBoard development and bugfixing Forum]
* [ Arena, Interviews mit Prof. Dr. Robert Hyatt, Tim Mann und Martin Blume] by [[Frank Quisinsky]] for [[ChessBits]], No. 18, May 2002 ([ Wayback Machine]) » [[Robert Hyatt]], [[Tim Mann]], [[Martin Blume]] <ref>[ 3 interviews about engine protocols with T. Mann, R. Hyatt and M. Blume] by [[Frank Quisinsky]], [[CCC]], August 15, 2002</ref>
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